Alliance Optikk

Alliance Optics was started in 2007. Today we have 80 members.

The main focus is on how to make members local winners. Eye health, professionalism, and competence in both clinical and store operations are important. Together with our good colleagues in NVR, we have access to very good terms. The members of Alliance Optikk own their stores themselves, but the chain enters into central agreements on behalf of its members. The chain office arranges logistics, trade fairs, marketing, concepts, and competence courses for the members. They can concentrate on running the best possible business.

Alliance Optikk is a member of NVR, Nordic Vision Retail, with about 430 other stores in the Nordic region. This membership ensures the best conditions and competitiveness in the market.

Three core areas for the chain are the progressive market, the dry eye market, and subject and skills development for the members.

The chain is nationwide and has its own brands for sunglasses, contact lenses, and spectacle lenses. Use of these products provides a very good store economy.

Alliance Optikk
Rolf B√łgeberg

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