Suomen OEL

Suomen OEL is the home base for 89 independent member stores. Behind the chain is the company Suomen OEL Oy, established in 1981. For many decades, their main function was to import and sell frames to optical shops. Today, Suomen OEL place great emphasis on eye health in general. We have recently expanded our business to cover dry-eye products and started our own dry-eye education program.

We offer a wide range of attractive benefits for our member stores. One very significant benefit is our cooperation with Nordic Vision Retail, a Nordic collaboration with about 430 stores from Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Finland.

NVR deals combined with our exclusive frame collections gives our opticians good marketing power. Store owners can concentrate on running the best possible business with the best possible tools and knowledge!

Suomen OEL Oy

Tapio Rosenberg
00 358 44 350 4066

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