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Nordic Vision Retail

NVR is Scandinavia and Northern Europe’s largest organization for free optical stores and chains.

NVR is represented in all Nordic countries.

One of the main goals of NVR is to negotiate the best possible agreements for its members. By standing together in an organization, we meet suppliers with great competitiveness and market position.

Our vision is to be the natural first choice as an organization for free trade in the countries that are represented. NVR will strengthen the members’ product and service conditions, negotiate cost-effective operating models, and increase competitiveness for its members and partners.

NVR’s core values:

Our focus is on the consumer’s total eye health. We emphasize competence, professionalism, and security every time we meet. Good operating models, concepts, and conditions for the stores provides solid business development. Together we are stronger than each alone.

Our goal is to grow with more members. More members means better terms.

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